The PSS Family

The 2020 Summer Show marks our 48th year and our 49th production. We remember the hundreds of people without whom the Port Summer Show couldn’t have thrived, or even survived. Countless parents and community supporters have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Port Summer Show productions possible. Sometimes, whole families worked on a single production!

As the kids worked their way up through the ranks on stage, backstage and in the orchestra pit, the parents and dedicated theater lovers of the town held bakes sales, sold tickets, conducted raffles, washed cars, ran tag sales, wrote grants, found benefactors, built and painted sets, tuned instruments, donated money, found and made props, sewed costumes, designed posters, hung posters and did their best to "put on a show!"  The current board and membership stand on the shoulders of those who worked for years to continue to provide this artistic and educational experience. Although it is impossible to thank everyone who has contributed to the longevity of the organization, we CAN thank the Board Past Presidents who organized and kept everyone moving in the same direction!  Thank you to our Past Presidents and to everyone who has contributed in both large and small ways over the years.

Our Past Presidents

Sam DeMarino

Lori Lee

Linda Nutter

Jeanne Brennan
Lisa Verdino
Elise May
Susan Hoffman
Elisabeth Roberts
Suzanne Foye
Ellen McCulloh
Dee Otte
Martha Zeleniak
Emily Hanlon

Martha Malone
Rosemary Boris
Laura Mogul
Fran Foster
Andrea Martone
Chris Burwell
Dennis McCulllough
Pat Blumiein
Bess Mulvihill

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