1. What is the Port Summer Show?

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to summer teen theater in Port Washington. We are not part of the school district, although we do perform at the high school and have a great relationship with the district. Please see the “Info” section of the website for more info.

2. When are auditions?

Auditions usually happen the third week in May. This year, they are May 18th and 19th.

3. Will my child still have a part if they don’t get a callback after the audition?

Yes, we do not make cuts. If your child is not cast in a named role, they will be in our world-famous rollicking ensemble. 

4. Do you have to have professional training to be in the Port Summer Show?

No! We welcome all potential performers. You will be cast according to your experience and the needs of the show.

5. When is the show?

The Port Summer Show is always the first full weekend in August. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 and Sunday at 2:00. This year's show is August 6th - 9th, 2020

6. How old do my kids have to be to audition?

Students may audition the summer in between 6th and 7th grade.  Sorry, no exceptions.


7. Do you need to be a Port Washington resident?

Yes, cast  members must be residents of Port Washington.  

8. Do the parents participate?

Yes, please see the “Info For Parents” section of the “Info” page.  This section outlines the family contribution.

9. Are there ways to participate other than being a cast member?

Yes! We need pit orchestra members (both students and adults) and crew members. The different types of crew opportunities are set building crew, set painting crew, stage crew, and technical run crew. 

10. Can my kids go away for the first part of the summer and participate when they return?

Not as a cast member. Rehearsals begin the last week of school. Please contact us at portsummershow@outlook.com to discuss possibilities for crew or pit orchestra members.

11. What if my child has to miss a rehearsal?

Attendance is mandatory. If your child misses one rehearsal, they will be cut from that number. If they miss more than one rehearsal, they will be cut from the show. Requested absences due to once-in-a-lifetime events will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Director. We recommend that you speak to one of the Co-Presidents as far ahead of the event as possible if such a circumstance exists. You will be notified of the joint decision of the Director and Board.



12. How much does it cost?

For 2019, the cast registration fee was $300 for the first child and $275 for additional siblings. The crew and pit registration fee is $50.  2020 fees are still to be determined.