Info for Parents

Parents! We Need You!

Parent involvement is a huge part of Port Summer Show…we’re like a big co-op!  We need parents from the cast, crew and pit to volunteer to chair or co-chair committees and sign up as committee volunteers.

Some of our committees include: Fundraising, Hair & Makeup, Props, Sets, Playbill, Raffles, Cast Party and Car Wash/Tag Sale (one of our fundraising activities.)

In addition, we require each family to:

  • Attend the parent meeting in June (and in January/March if you're available).
  • Sign a contract committing your child to our strict rehearsal schedule.  Please Note:  The directors have only 5 weeks to put together a high caliber musical. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss one rehearsal, you will be cut from that number. If you miss more than one rehearsal, you will be cut from the show.  Requested absences due to once-in-a-lifetime events will be reviewed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Director. Everyone will be given a link to a page on our website. The weekly rehearsal schedule will be posted there each Sunday evening. Your child is responsible for knowing if they are called for the next rehearsal.
  • Provide a parent or guardian to chaperone for one night of rehearsals and bring snack and beverages for the cast, crew and pit that night.
  • Make a donation of snacks and drinks to sell at our concession stand during the run of the show.
  • Be responsible for getting three business ads for the Playbill.  A sign-up list of list of local business will be provided at (or before) the parent meeting.  It's a lot easier than it seems!
  • Pay a fee for their child's participation.

Alumni Become Parents!

Did you know that we have a number of Port Summer Show alumni whose children have come back to participate? Sometimes a kid was in the pit and THEIR kids come back in the cast; sometimes vice versa! Sometimes a cast member goes on to become our Set Designer...or our Technical Director, or a Board Member, or the head of Publicity. You never know when you'll be back!