What Parents are saying about the port summer show

Participating in the Port Summer Show was, for my son, like an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that he gets to have more than once in his lifetime.  Last year was his very first Summer Show, and he enjoyed every minute—the rehearsing, the performing, and the friend-making. In the course of a few short weeks, his love for musical theater solidified, as did his love for the people he worked with, and when the last performance ended, he was already looking forward to the next summer.  

Meanwhile, as a parent, my first-time experience with the Port Summer Show was one of outright awe.  I’m in awe of the kids’ talent, the families’ commitment, and the entire production’s professionalism. And the show was spectacular. There’s no question we’re going to be a Port Summer Show family until my son leaves for college.

Current PSS Mom

In our family, summers meant Port Summer Show!  My son and daughter performed in nine shows and loved every minute!  Summer Show is creative and fun. The kids work together to create the best most professional shows. Through the years, my kids worked as ushers and played in the Pit orchestra, in addition to singing, dancing and acting on stage.

As a parent, it was wonderful to see my son and daughter spend the summer rehearsing for the Port Summer Show.  It’s an inclusive, creative and incredibly talented group of young people, who take on important responsibilities like professionals. It was a great opportunity for my kids to work with Jason, a professional director who the kids adored.  Summer Show gets amazing costumes for the kids, which they love.

My favorite show ever was  "Big Fish," because my son and daughter were both onstage together that year.  A few years ago, Summer Show held a reunion concert at the Dolphin Bookstore. Alumni from years ago came to perform and say that Summer Show was the best part of their teenage years.

Summer Show is intergenerational.  Parent volunteers are the backbone of the summer and everyone pitches in depending on their talents.  I loved to see my kids during rehearsals, having fun singing and dancing.

Port Summer Show mom, 2009-2018


The Port Summer Show was a large part of my daughter’s childhood. We were lucky enough to meet Mary Christine who introduced us to the PSS when my daughter was 11 years old. From the time my daughter was old enough to walk and talk, she was dancing and singing. The PSS helped her to not only follow her passion but develop her talent by being exposed to industry professionals.

The PSS was a key staple of every summer that we, as a family, would look forward to. The level of quality of the shows and the experience it provides for the kids is unmatched.  This experience over the years helped my daughter to development her craft and confidence. 

She is currently pursuing this passion at the collegiate level. Thank you, Port Summer Show, for being such a wonderful part of our lives. 

Father of a PSS Alumni 

Every summer, my sixteen year old son knows exactly where he is going to be for six weeks! When he started with the Port Summer Show at age thirteen, he was warmly welcomed and accepted by the older kids. Now he’s sixteen and he’s worked as both a performer and a stage crew member. There’s something for everyone here: singing, dancing, acting, technology, art, and pit orchestra. The artistic staff are professionals who work tirelessly with the kids to produce an amazing show!

Current PSS Mom

My daughter did six Port Summer Shows and would count down the days of the school year until it started. It was the highlight of her year; and ours too! Her experience with Jason, & Jesse as part of the ensemble was more fulfilling than some of the lead roles she had in other theater groups. When she was younger, she looked up to the older kids as if they were Broadway stars! When she was an older kid herself, she took her responsibility as a role model very seriously. The Port Summer Show was instrumental in helping her become the person that she is today. Thank you to the board, the staff and to everyone who made this experience possible for her.

Father of a PSS Alumni

My son had the most wonderful experience participating in Port Summer Show.  He attended sleep away camp every summer so only participated in 2017, the year he graduated Schreiber.  He was part of stage crew and he had the best time. The kids were great and there was a tremendous comradery for not only the actors but the teams that worked behind the scenes.  His only regret is that he didn’t participate sooner.  It was an amazing experience and he still has many of these friendships today! 

Mom of Crew Alumni

The Port Summer Show  experience gave my daughter self confidence, self awareness, a feeling of great accomplishment as a

member of the team and memories & friendships she will always hold dear. Watching her on stage enjoying herself &

finding herself is a memory I will always hold dear.

Dad of PSS Alumni

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